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Feel relaxed with neurological physiotherapy!
Neurophysiotherapy is a special part of physiotherapy that focuses on treating neurological conditions that affect the central and peripheral nervous systems. This therapy will address any impairment or function limitation due to neurological disorders or injuries.

Any serious injury can affect the sensory system and make it difficult to perform daily activities and tasks. This can viably steal your independence. Here, the specialist neurotherapist can be your saver. Get the best Neurological Physiotherapy in Surrey, BC, with one of the leading neurological rehab centers, Khalsa Physiotherapist Clinic. He has a special team to treat your neurologic disorders. We helped many of our patients recover from extreme conditions of the neuro system, limiting the impact of their condition through a manual treatment plan.

Restore Neurologic Functions and Reclaim Independence

Neurological rehabilitation is an ongoing therapy for patients with neurodegenerative disorders caused by damage to the nervous system. Khalsa Physiotherapy Clinic has the expertise to help a large number of patients with common neuro conditions like spinal cord injury, head injury, stroke, concussion, headaches, brain tumors, Bell’s palsy, and migraines. Additionally, neurotherapists can help patients recover from Parkinson's disease, motor neuron disease, Huntington’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy. Neurophysiotherapy performed by expert therapists at Khalsa Physiotherapy Clinic has many positive effects:

  • A professional neurophysiotherapist strengthens the brain muscles, which helps them release stress and anxiety quickly.
  • Neurology aims to address impairments in balance, movement, and coordination and enhance mobility.
  • Through customized exercise, activities, and interventions, Neurotherapy enhances the functions and improves the daily activities, essential for independent living.
  • Neurotherapy programs incorporate exercises that strengthen the muscles and improve overall fitness. Manage the physical challenges associated with the neuro conditions to reduce the complications.
  • Neurotherapies improve balance and coordination and reduce the risk of falls and injuries. It focuses on postural control, enhances reactions, and reduces the risk of falls.
  • Neuro conditions also cause chronic pain and discomfort to the muscles and neurophysiotherapy techniques like manual therapy, stretching, and modalities can help alleviate the pain and provide comfort.
  • It optimized neuroplasticity, like the brain’s ability to reorganize and adapt. With the guidance of an experienced neurotherapist, regular and purposeful practice can promote recovery.
  • Neurophysiotherapy contributes to the overall quality of life by addressing physical limitations and improving functional abilities. Neurotherapy can boost self-esteem.

Professional Neurological Physiotherapy in Surrey | BC

Khalsa Physiotherapy Clinic offers individualized care. We provide customized programs to meet the unique needs, abilities, and goals of the patient. Initially, we will assess the functional disabilities, and then develop personalized treatment plans. The team will regularly monitor the progress to ensure a meaningful and effective program. If you’re looking to get treated by our experienced and professional Neurological Physiotherapists in Surrey, BC. Feel free to contact our physiotherapists.