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Laser Therapy In Surrey, BC

Get relief from chronic pain with the most reliable and effective therapy, called laser therapy. It is also called cold laser therapy and also the last solution when other therapies fail. It can help in the healing of damaged tissues and give patients relief in a short period. Laser therapy treatment is not only effective but also painless treatment. It is a non-invasive and drug-free approach that promotes quick recovery.

At Khalsa Physiotherapy Clinic, our team is committed to providing state-of-the-art laser therapy that promotes quick healing and recovery. We ensure overall well-being and help our patients to reduce pain.

Each session takes only around 15 minutes and patients may feel minor discomfort like the sensation of heating upon the area where the laser is applied. The therapy can last anything between 6 to 8 weeks while for severe cases it can be required.

Heal effortlessly with laser therapy

An expert team of physiotherapists can help individuals cure many problems and injuries with their laser therapy services. We are equipped with updated technology to ensure our clients are the most effective and safe treatment. We combine technology with personalized care to address patient’s problems.

  • Pain management: Laser therapy can help patients to get relief from acute and chronic pain. Whether anyone has joint pain, arthritis, or sports injury, laser therapy sessions with our expert physiotherapist can help patients alleviate the discomfort of pain. 
  • Quick recovery: Laser therapy is an efficient technique to accelerate the healing process. It promotes healing tissues and restores optimal functions. 
  • Pre and Post-rehabilitation: Laser treatment is recommended therapy for pre-surgery and post-surgery. It enhances flexibility and mobility prepares patients for surgery and also helps to recover patients after surgery.
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  • Sport-injury rehabilitation: Athletes at all levels benefit from laser therapy. With the guidance of our specialist, many sportspeople in Surrey, BC get relief from this treatment. Sports sprains, stains, and muscle injuries can be healed with laser therapy
  • With powerful anti-inflammatory effects, laser therapy has proven an ideal choice for tendonitis, inflammatory joint disorders, and bursitis. 
  • Laser therapy at Khalsa Physiotherapy Clinic was done by a specialist that helped many patients to heal their wounds, cuts, and ulcers. It enhances blood flow and collagen production.

Laser therapy for long has shown positive effects and can easily fix inflammation. The laser shoots light protons which are absorbed by the damaged tissues resulting in quick healing. Experts at Khalsa Physiotherapy Clinic start by examining the injury and then suggest a course of Laser Therapy in Surrey. We aim to help injured persons feel better as quickly as possible. Contact us for laser therapy services. Laser therapy allows individuals to restore their health and improve an individual’s quality of life by providing more mobility and strength.