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Concussion Management In Surrey | BC

Have you ever heard about concussions? If yes, you may know it is a kind of brain damage or injury that needs to be treated by a specialist immediately after a proper diagnosis. Sports injuries may cause concussions, vehicle accidents during which the head is shaken, or simply a straight hit to the neck or head from a fall.

Concussion symptoms can range from sleeping troubles to short-term memory loss. Sleeping troubles would be insomnia, sleeping more than usual, or difficulty falling asleep. Additionally, patient may feel a worsened headache, disorientation, and difficulty concentrating. Individuals may also have spinning sensations or nausea and vomiting. Mood swings, increased irritability, low energy, and balance problems can also be symptoms of concussion.

This will lower the self-esteem of that patient. Make an appointment with us today if anyone experiencing any of the concussion symptoms.

Healed minds, qualified life: Nurturing recovery after concussion

To safeguard an individual’s brain health, prevent complications, and facilitate a safe return, we provide professional concussion management services. They can return to normal daily activities with these therapies. It involves a comprehensive approach that initially recognizes the symptoms, provides medical care, and gradually returns to the activities.

  • Concussion management promotes good brain health. It can help cure traumatic brain injuries.
  • Specialized concussion management can recognize and address the concussion symptoms. We at Khlasa Physiotherapy Clinic ensure the appropriate medical attention and care.
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  • It can prevent complications with proper management. Early detection and appropriate care by specialists can mitigate the risk of complications.
  • Our team gradually involves patients in activities through careful monitoring, reducing the risk of future injury and promoting a smooth and quick recovery.
  • This also prevents the second impact syndrome. Second-impact syndrome can be serious.

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The long-term effects of concussions are a serious concern. It is a critical concern when the patient can feel abnormal, which can affect their mental ability drastically. Proper concussion management can protect cognitive functions and reduce long-term complications. At Khalsa Physiotherapy, our team works with an individualized approach. We assess the specific causes and symptoms of each concussion to tailor the customized care plan and support the concussion recovery.

If you or someone you know is suffering from a severe brain injury, then you must consider Khalsa Physiotherapy Clinic for Concussion Management in Surrey, BC. Feel free to contact our Concussion Management specialists.