Motor Vehicle Injury (ICBC CLAIM)

ICBC | Insurance Claim In Surrey | BC

Motor vehicle accidents are unexpected events that can cause severe injuries. Motor vehicle accidents can be a stressful experience. But not to worry; you will get a homelike treatment at Khalsa Physiotherapy Clinic. We will also guide you and support you throughout the insurance claim process. Our team will handle all your ICBC claims in Surrey, BC, and make the insurance claim procedure convenient for you.

We've got years of expertise in managing ICBC claims and a reputation for exploring the facts on behalf of clients in ways that make a decisive difference in disputed claims.

The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia regulates, manages, and primarily provides motor vehicle accident insurance in the province. It handles the various claims.

We ensure smooth claims, processes, and individuals. Individuals need to report promptly by providing essential details such as location, time, date, and parties involved in the accident.

Physiotherapists at Khalsa Physiotherapy Clinic can treat several motor vehicle accident injuries like jaw pain, headaches, fracture rehabilitation, neck and back pain, joint displacement, ligament sprain, muscle strain, and whiplash.

Settle Insurance Claim | ICBC Surrey

Now settle your insurance claim with our well-qualified team of physiotherapists, who will assist you regarding the ICBC claim in Surrey, BC.

How to claim ICBC insurance for physiotherapy?

tick icon Report the incident to ICBC as soon as possible. You can report online, by phone, or simply by visiting the ICBC center.
tick icon Seek medical care even in the case of minor injuries. Get in touch with healthcare providers and provide them with details about the incident.
tick icon If physiotherapy is recommended to you, the therapist will create a treatment plan outlining the duration and frequency of the physiotherapy sessions.
tick icon Physiotherapy will submit the reports and treatment plan to the ICBC, including the diagnosis, recommended therapies, and estimated duration.
tick icon ICBC will review and check the reports. If ICBC finds the report valid, they will approve it and provide an authorization number.

icbc clam for physiotherapy

tick icon Schedule your appointment with Khalsa Physiotherapist Clinic in Surrey, BC. We accept insurance claims.
tick icon Attend the physiotherapy sessions and track the progress of your condition.
tick icon We will send the bill to ICBC directly; you don’t need to pay out of pocket.
tick icon Follow up with ICBC, throughout the recovery process.

Claiming physiotherapy services through ICBC physiotherapy services may vary based on individual circumstances. Contact us, our team will support you throughout the process.