Why do Doctors Prescribe Custom Orthotics in Surrey?

You may have realized that if you wear shoes of the right fit, you will feel more comfortable while walking and running. A wrong-fitted pair of shoes can make you go imbalanced any time when you are walking or probably when you are in a hurry. Now, this can cause injury to your feet as well. And then you will have to go to a physiotherapist of a reputed clinic like Khalsa Physio Clinic for treatment. And, today, most of the doctors prescribe custom orthotics for recovering such injuries. These shoes lend support and also protect your feet when walking.

The doctors or physiotherapists of the Khalsa Physio Clinic are highly qualified and know very well that different feet injuries and deformities can be cured with a pair of custom orthotics. This product can also give relief from back pain, flat feet, bad posture, and many more body problems.


The shape and size of the feet of every human differs from each other. Moreover, the health problems of one individual also differ a lot. In order to meet the needs of all, custom orthotics is required.

Want to Know More About Custom Orthotics in Surrey? Here’s What You Need to Understand.

Some Common Ailments

Everyone has different problems with the feet. Even though there are many people who have perfect and healthy feet with no such impediments, but there are still many who need the right treatment for their feet. For example, many people suffer from different foot deformities that can affect your walking style, your standing posture, your hip shape, your back posture, and the overall health condition and appearance of your legs. In order to treat such problems, you will have to visit reputed clinics like Khalsa Physio Clinic Getting the diagnosis from the professional there and starting to use the custom orthotics can help a lot in recovering from such ailments.

Use and Benefits of Custom Orthotics

Custom orthotics is less expensive than the orthopedic shoes. Custom orthotics are used for curing a broader array of problems. The doctors mostly prescribe normal orthopedic shoes for treating only foot pain. But, this is not the case for the custom orthotics. The professionals prescribe custom orthotics in Surrey to ensure recovery from many more foot problems. Your health comes first and your feet are not an exception. So, even if you are having a minor problem in walking, running, or even stepping your foot, make sure to visit an experienced professional of a trusted clinic to ensure to get the best treatment and quick recovery. If you do this, your feet and your legs including your hip, and knees are all going to thank you later.