7 Common Conditions Treated by Kids Physiotherapists

pediatric physiotheraphy
What Is Paediatric Physiotherapy?

One’s childhood is a wonderful time in their life and a time to let loose and experiment with other things. But sometimes that experiment may go wrong and your child may have to undergo medical treatment.But what if your child is struggling from discomfort or any pain? It is important to understand that children rarely complain of persistent pain.

However, parents do not always have to require the knowledge and assistance they need to identify those health issues. So, shouldn’t there be physiotherapists for kids who can address all those underlying health conditions?

The answer to your question is yes! Such physiotherapists do exist and they are called Paediatric or Kids Physiotherapists. Pediatric physiotherapists not only treat injuries or pain but also help in treating children who reflect differences, as well as those with special needs.

To know how kids physiotherapy can help your child, let’s read about some common benefits and conditions treated by pediatric physiotherapists.

What is Paediatric Physiotherapy?

Paediatric physiotherapy is the rehabilitation of children with disabilities, developmental delays, and other physical impairments.

Pediatric or Kids physiotherapists help kids in developing physical potential. They handle patients ranging in age from newborns to teenagers and have a specialized understanding of the mobility, growth, and conditions that are capable of damaging the infant and growing kid.

This may be accomplished by exercising therapeutically, practicing balance and coordination, and focusing on both gross and fine motor skills.

Benefits of Kids Physiotherapy

  • Assist in strengthening a child’s muscles
  • It helps in the early detection of health conditions
  • Helps in addressing learning difficulties
  • Helps in their recovery from past injuries
  • Helps in enhancing the child’s routine and general health
  • Assist in the treatment of various pediatric diseases

7 Common Conditions Treated By a Paediatric Physiotherapist in Surrey BC

  • Torticollis

    Torticollis is a disorder marked by a child’s shortened neck muscles which cause the neck to tilt to one side. This can have a significant impact on skull development, leading to facial asymmetries, skull malformations, and delays in the development of gross motor skills. All of the aforementioned can be easily avoided with early intervention by a pediatric physical therapist. Pediatric physiotherapy can help in preventing skull and facial deformity, regain neck strength and

  • Cerebral Palsy

    The most common kind of motor impairment in children is Cerebral Palsy. A series of conditions collectively known as cerebral palsy (CP) limit a person’s ability to move, balance, and posture. Swallowing issues and eye muscle imbalance, which causes the eyes to not concentrate on the same object, are frequent in people with cerebral palsy.
    It has been shown that early intervention of a pediatric physiotherapist identified with a neurological condition movement problem improves function in young children, Identify ways to improve your movement reduces or assists in controlling spasticity, and improves motor control.

  • Postural Concerns

    Paediatric physiotherapy also helps in improving the posture and alignment of your child. We know how Covid-19 has adversely affected our lives. Children’s bodies have suffered the most as a result of the COVID quarantine throughout the last few months.
    Physiotherapy for Kids can help by improving breathing, posture, and core and by educating the children on the positioning of computers/devices for optimum posture.

  • Sports Injuries & Orthopaedic Conditions

    You may have come across situations when your child falls off a bike, exercising, or any other type of sports activity leading to physical injuries. These are often orthopedic injuries.
    This implies they have an impact on your musculoskeletal system, which includes your bones, joints, cartilage, tendons, ligaments, and other soft tissues. In such situations, physiotherapy can come to your rescue.
    Physiotherapy can help in reducing pain and soreness and enhance flexibility and strength.

  • Toe Walking

    A child that walks on their toes without putting their heels in contact with the ground is said to be toe walking. Children that are learning to walk, frequently toe walk. However, most kids outgrow toe walking by age two and start walking normally from heel to toe. But what if your child continues to toe-walk?In such situations, you might start worrying about your child’s condition. But with good physiotherapy, you can keep all these worries aside because physiotherapists for children can assist with this as well!

  • Low Tone or Hypotonia

    The degree of tension in muscles is known as muscle tone. It is also called floppy muscle syndrome. We can only move because of changes in muscle tone. Our ability to move with control, quickness, and volume depend on our muscle tone. An infant may have a limp appearance and not be able to keep their elbows and knees bent if they have hypotonia. Physiotherapy can help in improving motor control and balance, enhancing strength and endurance, and giving knowledge about devices that can aid with alignment and tone.

  • Balance and Coordination Issues

    Coordination is the reason why some kids move with ease and efficiency, while your child may appear clumsy, uncomfortable, and difficult. Three wide and prevalent forms of disorders that affect balance and coordination in kids include vestibular disorders, cerebellar ataxia, and developmental coordination disorder. Each can have an impact on a child’s sense of balance and fine motor abilities.Again, let us take away your worries because our physiotherapists can help your child to achieve that “elegant” walk! We can help your child in improving coordination and balance by developing strength activities.

Children depend on their parents to provide them the care they require to be happy and healthy, as well as to grow and develop properly. Many parents have hectic lives that make it difficult to spend quality time with their children and regularly take the best possible care of their physical health.

Knowing that your little kid is having good physiotherapy can put your mind at ease. So, now that you have read the benefits and the conditions that can be treated you might want to go for the best kids physio. And if you are struggling to find the finest physiotherapy for kids in Surrey, BC, Canada then Khalsa Physiotherapy Clinic is the right place you need to visit!