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Pre / Post Surgical Orthopedics

April 9th, 2020

Preparation for a speedy recovery
Your therapist will review your surgical plan in accordance with any pre-surgical conditions you may have going in. They will create an individualized pre- and post-operative mobility program to help you regain your strength and boost your confidence.

Painful joints can greatly impede your ability to lead an active life, and as such joint replacement surgery is very common; the goal is to help patients return to as many activities as possible with less pain and with greater freedom of movement. Patients are discharged from hospitals after surgery equipped with a one week exercise program, but should be supervised for approximately 1-3 months to promote optimal results. We offer crucial assistance before and after your operation with careful supervision and assisted exercise programs to prevent complications after surgery.

Joint replacement patients often receive sessions of out-patient physiotherapy during their time in hospital, but it is important to recognize that many patients need additional time to achieve a viable level of strength, mobility, and confidence. We can assist you with specifically designed sessions to compliment your hospital-based physiotherapy.