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A part of the inner ear, the vestibular system’s primary function is to maintain the balance of a human body. Any person suffering from injuries or damages in the vestibular system can face problems like dizziness and problems with body balance. The sensation of Dizziness can mean a lot of different things – lightheadedness, woozy feeling, spinning sensation, losing normal sense of balance while walking or standing and so on. Also, the term ‘Vertigo’ is very closely related to vestibular organ related problems. It specifically refers to a false sensation of body spinning or moving from side to side.

How can we help you with Vestibular Rehabilitation?

Experts at Khalsa Physiotherapy Clinic always start with a thorough assessment to understand the problem. We consider this extremely important for proper diagnosis of the problems. Once our expert identifies the problems you’re suffering from, we start forming a treatment plan which will help you to feel better. A tailor-made treatment plan specifically designed to handle your problems along with a set of home exercises. Our aim is to help you move ahead from these problems as quickly as possible.