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Muscle stiffness, knots and spasms are nagging issues that keep creating problems. Such problems can make a person’s life tough with constant or periodic pain triggered by a few certain reasons. But it can easily resolved and with the proper treatment like Dry Needling. It is a very efficient to get relief from muscle pain by working on knots and trigger points. It not only helps to increase blood circulation and also triggers the body in releasing endorphins and opioids. With Dry Needling you can get quick from nagging problems with muscles healing and relaxation.

How we work with Dry Needling Therapy?

Just like any other rehabilitation therapy, we start by examining the affected area to make a proper diagnosis. Understanding the problems we start our Dry Needling Therapy. We work on the myofascial trigger points to trigger local twitch responses or LTR, i.e. working on the taunt bands of muscles to contract with involuntary spinal cord reflex. Triggering LTRs not only improves results but also release endogenous opioids (natural pain reliever of human bodies). If you’re concerned about needles causing pain, there is no reason to worry. Yes, it can be painful but not when done by our professional-trained experts.