Treat your Torn Knee Ligaments with Physiotherapy in Surrey

Torn knee ligament is faced by many people who are related to different sports activities. Athletes, runners, and footballers have high chances of suffering from torn knee ligaments very frequently as they are all indulged in some kinds of physical activities most of the time. But, now treating or healing these injuries has become simpler and quicker with physiotherapy. There are so many trusted clinics for Physiotherapy for injury at work in Surrey that offers the best remedies and teaches the best exercises to get relief from severe pain of torn knee ligaments. But, you need to have proper rest as well besides just practicing the exercises. This will ensure strengthening your muscles and restoring proper knee functioning over a certain period of time.

What is Actually a Torn Knee Ligament?

Ligaments are nothing but the bands of elastic and tough consecutive tissues surrounding the joints for 

treat your torn knee ligaments

providing support. So, when the knee ligament gets torn, you can feel the knee joint getting unstable thus resulting in improper and difficult knee movement. Remember, torn knee joints can even lead to the inability to turn and twist the leg.

But, What are the Causes and Symptoms of Torn Knee Ligaments?

The most common causes of the torn knee ligament is a sudden change in the direction of leg or foot while walking or running, a sudden jump, etc.

And the symptoms of torn knee ligaments are: –

Now, Let’s See What you Can do to give Relief from the Severe Pain of Torn Knee Ligament.

In order to get ultimate relief from the pain of torn knee ligament, you can just visit the best clinic for Physiotherapy for injury at work surrey and learn the most effective exercises. Learning the physiotherapy based exercises with perfection can ensure to give a sense of relief every time you practice at the clinic itself and or at home.

Here’s the List of the Best Exercises you Need to Follow.

Practice these exercises either alone or taking the help of professional physiotherapy in Surrey. You can do these exercises three to four times a day for an hour or more or as many times as you want depending upon how much pain you are going through.

Static Quad

Just sit on the ground or floor keeping your legs straight in front. Then push the back portion of the knee into the ground. You can use the thigh muscles for this. Keep the toes of your feet up towards the head. Just hold for five or six seconds and then relax. Do the same repeatedly for at least five times on every side.

Straight leg Raise

Lie down on your back keeping your legs in front of you in a straight position. Tighten the injured leg’s thigh muscles and then lift the legs to a few inches above the floor. Repeat the same technique for ultimate relief.

Other than only these two, there are ample of more exercises like moving warrior, bridge, and moving high lunge. The best way to learn the exact way of doing these exercises is by visiting or consulting the best clinic for Physiotherapy for injury at work in Surrey.