Benefits of Pre and Post-Surgical Orthopedic Care for Successful Recovery

Pre and post-surgical rehab are often recommended for orthopedic surgery. The various types of surgeries could include foot, hand, wrist, spine, etc. A physiotherapist can plan both pre and post surgery rehab for any individual who is preparing for surgery. Pre-surgery care prepares the patient under the supervision of a physical therapist. This helps to improve joint mobility and range of motion to prepare clients for successful surgical outcomes. This helps in faster recovery with better outcomes.

Likewise, after the surgery, the doctor will tell you about each and every movement, like how to get up from a chair, how to use assistive devices, and how to improve your mobility. Your physiotherapist will teach you pain management strategies and exercises for a fast recovery. Post-surgery care is a crucial part of returning to your normal routine activities. A skilled therapist can assist patients before and after decompressions, tendon transfers, total joint replacements, arthroscopy, and more. They can help reduce complications and help you achieve a full range of motion.

Benefits Of Pre And Post-Surgical Orthopedic Care For Successful Recovery
Benefits Of Pre And Post-Surgical Orthopedic Care For Successful Recovery

Benefits of Pre-surgical Care

Orthopedic surgeon Surrey provides essential pre and post-surgical care for orthopedic surgery patients.. Physical therapy helps improve strength, stamina, flexibility, and body motion as much as possible. A physical therapist uses various manual therapies and also teaches you exercises to do at home. They may also use ice, heat, or electric stimulation.


Prehabilitation prepares an individual physically and mentally for surgery. The various benefits of going to rehab before surgery are

Various physical exercises help reduce pain, including manual exercises and modalities including electrostimulation. 

Going for surgery and being mentally prepared with less anxiety will facilitate a faster recovery process. 

The exercises you need to do after surgery will train your muscles in advance, which will make post-surgical recovery easier and more effective. A few sessions of physiotherapy in Surrey before the surgery can reduce the need for care after the surgery for some patients, and they have to stay less at the hospital.

A weak individual will experience more complications, such as infection, after the surgical procedure. Prehab will provide strength and immunity prior to surgery.

Patients who have gone through some sort of prehab are less prone to anxiety or stress before the surgery. As physical activities improve strength, endurance, and flexibility, which will improve overall confidence, the procedure will be successful. 

Benefits of Post-surgical Care

Post-surgical rehab should be started as soon as the doctor states that the patient is ready. The benefits of post-surgical rehab are-

Improved Circulation

Proper blood circulation not only facilitates faster recovery but also reduces the chances of the formation of any blood clots. One of the simplest ways is massage, which helps improve blood circulation. The therapist prescribes basic exercises and simple movements that will help promote increased blood circulation.

Improves Pain and Swelling

The right type of post-surgical treatment can help reduce the pain and swelling experienced after the surgery. The physical therapist will use icing and ultrasound to reduce pain and swelling. Patients who received post-operative care the same day need fewer opioids than others.

Safely Ease Back to Routine work

When your body undergoes surgery, it cannot perform the way it used to. The physical therapist will start from the beginning to teach your body how to function, once again. Jumping right back into the previous routine can cause reinjury. Post-surgical rehab will help to strengthen your body so that you can get back to your routine work. A trained physiotherapist in Surrey, BC will provide you with the best pre and post-surgical rehab plan according to your specific problem and needs. Physiotherapy treatment will help to achieve strength and flexibility and improve the range of motion before and after surgery. A physical therapist may use a variety of manual therapies or provide a plan of exercises to be done at home. If you are planning for a surgery, get started as soon as possible to make sure that you are prepared for the surgery and can make a quick and full recovery.

Regain Lost Strength

A physiotherapist will provide the patient with a customized program to target specific areas of the body that need strengthening after the surgery. The more quickly you regain strength and mobility, the more quickly you will return to normal activities.